Window Display for Hermès Stores in Thailand.
All three branches in Bangkok and one in Phuket tells the story
of ‘The phenomenal horse’ His speed prised everyone, he is the best massenger for human. Lately, he’s not bus as usual, people began to say the name of ‘paper’ that even better than him. He decided to spy at ‘House of Paper’ where he sneak through peephole, see those thin,
flat, plain layers that some fold into plates, some formed into columns, some became pulp and sculpted into pipes and springs. And there were tiles at the floor with orange burgundy and fuchsia flipping all along and matching new tiles combination.‘How wonderful’ he thoughts the papers kept moving, reinventing their purposes of living. The phenomenal horse decided to step in curious to lessen from the paper, suddenly piece by piece, he becomes sheets! The crowed cheered, to his horror. ‘Don’t you worry’ the paper insisted.
They made him turn around, resulting in the piece align. Once again the outline, is that of the old him. They all celebrated the transformation, the source of innovation in the world. Every paper pieces all made by hand some are recycle paper made to paper pulp to be some part of sculpture base.

Art Direction / Paper craft : teaspoon studio
Production : Kingsmen C.M.T.I.
PlcPhotography : Spaceshift