Made from studio leftover papers, we experiment with types of paper and blened with different materials and different adhesives.
Each monsters show diffrent textures from thouse techniques.
Held in Bangkok Design Week 2020 between 1st-9th Febuary in front of our studio.

At teaspoon studio, fine quality coloured papers scraps accumulate pretty quickly.  These papers came from top manufacturer in England and Japan, thus the best quality dye and fibre used in them. We collected and seperate them into colors.

To turn the scraps into a moldable clay, we first soaked them in water and then blend it into fine pulp From there we experimented with different kinds of binder. The ideal substance turns out to be the creamy white wall putty.
Finds out why in the next card.

When the wall putty is mixed in, the pulp turns a shade paler because of the white color in it
This is why our sculpture adopted pastel color scheme.
More putty also means softer, smoother and sloppier clay to work with.

We experimented to find as many textures and techniques as we could.

1. Finding the right mixture : cement powder / latex glue / wall putty
2. Getting rid of water : hand-squeezing / sieving through mesh / pressing with fabric / drying in the sun
3. Decorating : mix in dry paper scraps in the finished mixture / stick in flakes after sculpted / mix different colored pulp roughly in a bowl / mix different colored scraps in the blender
4. Sculpting : press the mixture in a mold / press with fingers over the core mold / press on the fabric and transfer over a mold in sheet form.