We are part of "An Original by The Originals" screen print exhibition by The Archivist Our work has two part, first is a screen print artwork called "Life Ingredients" which a original woris paper cut and The Archivist made it to screen print.

The concept of this work is "We believe everyone has something hidden inside either personality or creativity. We see this as another hidden persona 'Life Ingredients' told the story, the ingredients of life and other symbols that portray that persona.
We challenged the audiences to see and consider their own hidden persona.

We use transparent ink in the middle of artwork, which only see by our magic torch (which is black light), write "Person I've never met"We believed that hidden persona is like the person you never met, or never know that it exist. The second part we extend that person we believed to a strange plants in a dark room, audiences allow to take their heads and hands to see what inside.